Tuesday, May 26, 2009

*peeks out the door* holy crap is it over yet?'s finally over. After a very long and very hard few weeks, the Keys to the VIP Hunt is finally over. Things are back to "normal" again so I can actually yanno.....make stuffs :P
Before I start rambling here are a few of the new items:

The first one I did just for shits and giggles :P
Mmmmm flip flops! I honestly could wear flip flops every day for the rest of my life. I love them..all of them. So I figured why not make some :) There are 8 different styles and I will be releasing more as I go along.

I also did a few sets of jammies to lounge around and watch movies in. Pink, Blue, and Green are available right now with more to come.

On to other exciting news.
Mrs. Ivey Deschanel and Mr. Roblem Hogarth have invited me to be an author for a new blog called Matter of Taste. I am so excited to be a part of this.
Matter of Taste is a SL Fashion and Design Blog Written by creative SL content creators. Our hope is that if you like our creations you might also be interested in what we love from other designers. We hope you like what you find here.
I get so sick of talking about my creations all the time so it will be such a nice change of pace to talk about the stuff I love and wear other than :.UD.: items :) Go check it out when you get a minute.

That's all for now. I promise to update you more often and should have some pretty exciting news for you in a week or so. So make sure you stay tuned!
Lurve and Laughs,

Friday, March 20, 2009

Snatch City Grand Opening and New Releases!

Sn@tch City is officially open!!!! All your favorite alternative shops in a post apocalyptic nightmare of epic proportions. The aliens have come...the humans are gone and plants and insects rule the city. Something has gotten out of the quarantine area and the city gates are open letting loose every foul beast imaginable. Watch your step, the old ones have their eye on you. Sn@tch City...the Future begins NOW!

Sn@tch City features 7 main stores including Sn@tch, !ReTox!, Gauze, Forsaken, [42], A-Bomb and Tyranny. Other stores on the sim are Urban Dysfunction of course, Stringer Mausoleum, Pretty-N-Punk, Worldwide Ind. Blood & Scars, Chaos Richard Gallery, Silver Wheel, Virtual Poses & Props, Fear & Clothing and Fukmi Clothing

You don't wanna miss the grand opening day as most of the designers are featuring a special item at only $50L which is a STEAL considering the calibur of these designers.

Next up, I've been a busy busy little bee this week. Made some hot new numbers that I think you will totally adore. I know I do. First Base dress. Appropriately named in my opinion hahahaIt comes in 5 different patterns.

Also...I did it again. I remodeled the main store. I swear at this point I have remodeled the store about 4 times this month alone. I promise this is the final build.

You must come check it out.

I have set up a 7seas fishing area and will be stocking it with all sorts of exclusive goodies for you to catch.

When you walk in the front door make sure you head off to the right to sign up for the prizes for picks. This is the only way you can score Urban Dysfunction vintage items for free.

So get yer butts in gear and head down to Sn@tch city. Then gather all the girls and come fish with us at the new :.UD.: Main store. I promise you'll love it.


Your Madame of Dysfunction-Kenz

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Something old meets something NEW

After taking a pretty long vaca from SL I am back and into the groove again. This is my first blog EVER so bear with me please. I'm a blogtard.

I have done some major renovations to the main store. Frankly I'm sick of the grungy punk cracked out ghetto buildings. I want something a little more fancy shmancy. We're not talking Hollywood Blvd fancy but at least not a place that looks like you'd pick up ghonacyphaherpalus just from touching the railing :P

In addition to redesigning the main store I have also taken some of my outfits and made them BETTER! Like miles better! If there are prims in the outfit they are now menu click re size. The textures are enhanced, the skirts fit better, etc. Check it out:

I also created some new little gems to add to the collection. I absolutely ADORE these items:

Here's the best part of the remodel/redesign....I have now made EVERYTHING in my store transferrable! I remember back when I first started a good friend of mine hooked me up with a few outfits to get me started. Once I was on my feet I went to those designers and bought a TON of stuff from them. I want my customers to be able to do whatever they want with their items. Hell they paid for it right!?
This also makes gift buying a whole lot easier on everyone! No messing with gift vendors or gift card systems that fail half the time. Just buy it and voila! What's even better is you can try the stuff on before you give it to make sure it's what you want! I love it and I hope you do too!
That's all for me right now. There is so much more to announce but I will wait for another day.
Your Madame of Dysfunction - Kenz

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I just created a plurk account yesterday and I am SO addicted. I have a feeling I am literally never going to leave my pc again. Between Urban Dysfunction, Plurk, Haute Couture, etc. etc. I am incredibly busy. I love it. Not sure the hubs does though hahaha

This blog is gonna be filled with fashion, bullshit daily stuff, Urban Dysfunction, Haute Couture, and any random thing I can think of.

<3 to all of you who got me hooked on this stuff :P